The Team

Columbus High School is proud to provide competitive opportunities for students in speech and debate.

Our program includes 50+ students and offers participation in Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, and Congressional Debate, as well as all speech events. We are a member school of the National Speech and Debate Association and the Georgia Forensics Coaches Association.

Since 2014, our students' accomplishments include:

  • 7 Public Forum State Championships. (In 2016, Columbus became the first school in GFCA history to win the state championship at all three levels of Public Forum Debate: Novice, JV, and Varsity)

    • 2015: Sharvil Patel/Sam Cargill (JV State Champions), Sharvil Patel/Drew Young (Varsity State Champions)

    • 2016: Sophie Murtey/Priyanka Parikh (Novice State Champions), Sam Georgecink/Morgan Pace (JV State Champions), Sharvil Patel/Drew Young (Varsity State Champions)

    • 2018: Aryaman Singh/Yuag Shaparia (Novice State Champions)

    • 2019: Evan Welch/Henry Langbo (Novice State Champions)

  • Congressional Debate State Champion

    • 2017: Morgan Pace

  • Original Oratory State Champion

    • 2018: Kiko Tumpalan

  • Original Oratory Novice Champion

    • 2018: Samantha Khoury

  • Impromptu Speaking Novice Champion

    • 2019: Nicki Howard

  • 13 Tournament of Champions Qualifiers (2016, 2017. 2018, 2019)

    • 2016: Drew Young, Sharvil Patel (PF); Emily Harvey (OO)

    • 2017: Morgan Pace, Sam Georgecink, Sharvil Patel (PF); Kiko Tumpalan (OO)

    • 2018: Mary Chen, Gwyn Rush (PF); Kiko Tumpalan (OO). Mary and Gwyn were the first all-women team from Georgia to qualify to the TOC in Public Forum debate.

    • 2019: Mariah Cady, Noor Abdallah (PF); Kiko Tumpalan (OO)

  • 27 NSDA National Tournament Qualifiers (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)
    Students who accepted their bid and attended NSDA Nationals include:

    • 2015: Drew Young, Sharvil Patel (PF); Yannik Marazia (Senate)

    • 2016: Drew Young, Sharvil Patel, Caroline Sayers, Morgan Pace (PF)

    • 2017: Morgan Pace, Sam Georgecink (PF); Mariah Cady (INFO); Kiko Tumpalan (OO), Aidan Anderson (House)

    • 2018: Mary Chen, Gwyn Rush (PF); Kiko Tumpalan (OO)

    • 2019: Mariah Cady, Noor Abdallah (PF); Aidan Anderson (IX)

  • NSDA District Student of the Year

    • 2016: Drew Young

    • 2019: Mariah Cady

  • National Student of the Year Finalist

    • 2019: Mariah Cady