First Tournament Feedback

 The season is off to a great start!

Congratulations to all students who competed/judged at the Houston County tournament on September 14. The season is off to a great start, and your combined efforts as a team—no matter how many rounds you won or lost—earned our third consecutive sweepstakes win at this particular tournament. More than half of you were competing in your first high school tournament, and that kind of success is incredible!

One of the most important aspects of the season opener is that it is, beyond all else, a learning experience. Some of you learned that you might need a refresher on certain elements of debate, or that you might have to work a little harder in the varsity division to see the same results you saw last year as a novice. Some of you may have realized that while you love the speech and debate community, you might feel like the event you initially chose is not the best fit for you, and you might like to try something different.

This form is intended to collect feedback and give you a private way to share concerns and feedback on the tournament and your participation in CHS Speech and Debate. I know sometimes it’s hard to get an opportunity to talk one-on-one and work through problems when the team is so big, but I will read all submissions to this form and follow up with you individually. This form is NOT just for new students - JV/Varsity competitors are also encouraged to use it to share concerns so that I can make plans for practices to be the most effective possible.

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We have upcoming lectures on casing, weighing. and cross-x/crossfire strategies, but we can include drills and mini-lectures to clarify and build opportunities for skill application.
I am already aware that you would LIKE to be able to choose your bus assignment, just as you are aware that sometimes logistics necessitate other arrangements. Moving forward, we will try some alternate options for bus assignments IF our numbers require multiple buses again. Similarly, I am aware that tournaments are long days and stopping for dinner takes a long time -- but I cannot send you home at 9PM or later when you haven't been given an opportunity to eat since 12PM.